In 2001, I was a high school freshman in need of an outlet. Because, you know, teenagers deal with a lot of angst and emotions and whatnot. Somehow, I stumbled across what seemed like a world of blogs. Not like the blogs you see nowadays, but these Greymatter and Moveable Type blogs that were hand-coded and designed by the bloggers themselves. But the bloggers weren’t 30-somethings writing about trends of the world wide web or the latest box-office hits. They were teenagers, like me, just looking for a place to vent. This completely blew my mind. I instantly wanted my own blog and so I began to study HTML and spent countless hours in the Photoshop trial I downloaded from the Adobe website. Little did I know that my corner of the web would turn into a career.

Fourteen years later, I work as the Interactive Web Designer/Producer for a state agency and freelance as a designer and marketer. In April 2015, I received my Master of Science from Northeastern University’s Corporate and Organizational Communication program (concentrating in no other than Social Media and Online Communities). And after years of designing sites and flyers and logos for others, I decided to finally create a website to showcase all of the great things I can do.

In 2014, I launched, a lifestyle magazine for the young, Black woman. unchose currently has seven regular contributors and a growing fan base. In 2015, I launched SAID IT LOUD, a quote directory that focuses on Black, prominent figures.

For a more detailed list of accomplishments and roles, check out my Linkedin profile. I try to keep it updated.


“I had the pleasure of hiring Ashleigh as a junior technical writer at Lancope. Ashleigh was instrumental in updating a number of our instructional materials, as well as user documentation. Always willing to help and not afraid to venture into new territory, I know Ashleigh will do well wherever she goes.” – Mary Warren Martz, Lancope

“Ashleigh worked for us as an intern in the technical communications department for 2 summers. Ashleigh is detail oriented, has a great attitude, and stays current with technologies.” – Candace Wagner, Cisco Systems

“Ashleigh introduced me to Technical Communications, which I’ve chosen as a career path. She is remarkably talented in designing, writing, and presenting whether it’s web content developing, photo editing, film making, etc. She knows exactly what angle to take when given assignments and/or projects to complete. She is my go-to person when I need advice or help on editing, designing, or writing a document.” – Ja’Nice Cousin, North Carolina Army National Guard

“Ashleigh and I worked at a small but rapidly growing IT company where we wore many hats. We collaborated on the company intranet and other multi media projects. Her knowledge of the tools needed was always helpful. She also managed to work on both Apple and Windows systems to accomplish much. She was a pleasure to work with and I would consider it a privilege to work with her again.” – Cliff Riviere, Lancope